The question is “What Is My Job?” The answer, if you are an adorable animal who stars in this app, could be a librarian, grocer, farmer or an artist. Or maybe a waiter, pianist, hairstylist, actor, nurse or bus driver. The career possibilities are endless! And yes, a boy and girl character also star in the app but it’s the animals I remember.

This charming app has two parts – Flash Cards and Matching Game. In Flash Cards your child can look at a card for each occupation. It will also include an object used in that line of work. For example, the bus driver card would show a bus driver and a bus stop. Your child can tap on the bus driver to hear “bus driver” and then tap on the bus stop to hear that spoken as well. They’ll want to go through the flashcards because the objects are important when playing the game. The Matching Game can be played with four, six or eight cards. Your child’s job is to tap cards and flip them over two at a time. They will be looking for an animal and the object that matches his occupation. The librarian needs to match up with her book, the tailor with his buttons, that type of match. When they make a correct match they’ll get to hear the name of the job announced.

I tried out the HD iPad version of the app and the graphics were superb. I wouldn’t normally want a bear baking my bread or a dog babysitting my kids but I found the animals irresistible in their outfits. This app wasn’t developed in the United States so some of the job titles and objects are differently than what I normally hear. The illustrations made everything clear though and I think it’s terrific that my children can learn what a cobbler or fishmonger is. What Is My Job? is easy for children to navigate. I was watching my three year old nephew when I began testing the app but I soon let him take over the job. After watching where I tapped a few times he quickly had the hang of both the flashcards and the memory game. They don’t have an iDevice that runs apps in their house so this proved to me that What Is My Job? is naturally intuitive for the little ones.

Price when Reviewed: $.99

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Seller: PAKA

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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