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Whirl’d has been on my iPhone for a little over a week and my son’s been playing it every time he “borrows” my phone. He’s been telling me how much he likes it and that he’s one this level or that and as I’ve been listening to him I’ve thought if the five year old is doing so well then I should have noooo trouble. Beware such thoughts.

The idea behind Whirl’d is to use your finger on the iPhone screen to spin a wheel that is filled with characters called Whirls. You then shoot another Whirl, trying to hit others of the matching color. Match them up and they’ll disappear. When all the Whirls are gone the level will be cleared. There are 99 different levels and they increase in difficulty with obstacles and enemies. The game begins easily enough but becomes increasingly tricky and I soon found myself outmatched. However, that’s not saying much because: 1. My gaming skills are not exactly stellar and 2. I find it hard to play games that involve spinning and movement on the screen. The motion makes me sick to my stomach and after awhile the spinning Whirl’d wheel got to me.  I’m taking this as a sign that the developers have succeeded in making the app’s spin motion very realistic. My son has had no problem with any motion sickness and he’s loved being Whirl’d around.

Price when Reviewed: $.99


Seller: Play This! Studios

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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