This is the final boarding call for Whole Wide World 2, a continental travel adventure that will take your children jet-setting across the globe for some major international fun!  Whole Wide World 2 is a fantastic (AND FREE) geography-based game that is sure to educate and entertain your kids!  So climb aboard and come along for some country-hopping fun!

All you’ve got to do to get started is set up a profile and choose the avatar you want to travel with you across the globe.  Slide your finger across the screen to rotate the globe and choose which country you want to visit first!  Choices vary from Iceland to Australia and from Egypt to the good ole USA.  Tap a country to select it and an animated cartoon child from that country will introduce you to their country and the game you must complete to earn a stamp.  The games vary from hidden pictures to puzzles to racing games.  In China, you have 30 seconds to locate hidden pandas among bamboo.  Race across the Australian tundra along-side a speedy kangaroo.  In the frigid waters of Iceland you can help a whale catch tasty fish in his mouth for his dinner!  After each game is completed, the native child will share fun an interesting facts about their country such as their favorite foods, pastimes, customs and sports.  Once you have successfully completed the games for a country you earn a postcard for your travel scrapbook to remember your trip and the fun you had in that country.

Whole Wide World 2 is one fantastic app!  The initial download is free and comes with 3 countries to visit.  Access to additional countries can be purchased in-app for $0.99.  This app is well worth the money.  The animation is well done and very bright and colorful.  The games are a lot of fun for kids from preschool up through elementary school.  I simply loved all of the fun facts that I learned about the countries.  I really appreciated how the app developers chose facts that were not only accurate and educational, but would be interesting for kids to know.  I had my 6 year old son sit down and play this app and after about 20 minutes he very enthusiastically exclaimed, “Mom!  This is a fun app!”  It makes me so happy to know that there are apps out there that are educational and fun and that by playing it, my kids will have a little more exposure to this great big world we live in.


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