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If you are looking for a fun way to exercise your child’s logic skills, the new Winky Think Logic Puzzles app is definitely a good choice!  With Winky Think Logic Puzzles, children will play through a variety of 180 logic puzzles.  I loved this app and the variety of puzzles it presented, as well as the way it encourages children to develop their own methods of problem solving.

With Winky Think, kids can slide shapes and match colors to solve puzzles and build their brain!  This app allows children to learn at their own pace, beginning with simple matching puzzles and progressing to complex games that are packed with obstacles, mazes and multi-touch solutions.  I really love the way this app encourages kids to think outside-the-box and develop their own strategies for solving puzzles.  I thought that the app was perfect for not only building logic skills, but also for allowing kids to work on spatial skills and observation.

I felt the app would probably be best for kids that are nearing kindergarten age and above.  But, as I mentioned before, there are various skill levels (three different levels to be exact) and a progressive game design.  The app will explore many of the early math principles which are essential to the Common Core curriculum.  I thought that the app did a great job of making math as fun as possible.  There is a fun soundtrack, and the graphics are bright and appealing.  I am usually a fan of Spinlight apps, and this one did not disappoint!

I really enjoyed the Winky Think Logic Puzzles app.  I would definitely recommend this app to the parents of children preparing for school or in elementary.  I will be playing this app with my four year old son for sure!

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