Grammaropolis puts a fun, fresh, musical spin on the different parts of speech. To get a sense of who lives in Grammaropolis I suggest you visit their website. You’ll find a song and videos introducing you to the different inhabitants. Then take a look at their app Word Sort. In Word Sort you can learn more by reading a definition for each part of speech along with personality descriptions. I got a kick out of the different personalities, they really fit with the jobs that these parts of speech do.

After reading up on the grammar it’s time to play Word Sort. Three characters appear on the screen with buckets. Different words fly across the screen and you’ve got to drag them to the correct character bucket. Is a word a noun? Place it in the noun bucket. Adverb? Drag it over that way. You’ll be given a time limit and a chance to see how many words you can sort correctly. Word Sort has three levels of difficulty, these determine how many words appear on the screen at the same time. It varies from one to four words. When you are playing the game you’ll experience three levels. The first has you sorting nouns, adjectives and linking verbs. Level two deals with pronouns, prepositions and interjections and level three features adverbs, conjunctions and action verbs.

If you have a student who could use practice with their grammar then I definitely recommend giving Word Sort a chance. It’s quirky and entertaining and they’ll be learning the difference between prepositions and pronouns before they know it.

Price when Reviewed: $1.99

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Seller: Grammaropolis LLC

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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