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Everyone’s freckle-faced world explorer is back for a brand new adventure! Join Liberty, Ellie, Georgie and Truman as they travel to Kansas to learn more about the brave aviatrix Amelia Earhart! Liberty and her friends are amazed and inspired by all of Amelia’s achievements and, of course, they are able to find an international connection to another famous female pioneer in her field. Come on and join this adventurous group for some high-flying fun!

Liberty and her school friends are visiting the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum when Liberty discovers an exhibit about aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart. Liberty is so impressed by her, that she wants to learn more. Thanks to her computer, she learns that there is a museum dedicated to Amelia in Kansas, so she and her friends take off to Kansas. There they learn all about all of her flights and her many accomplishments as a pilot including her goodwill flight to Mexico. They learn what the word “Pioneer” means and that Amelia was a pioneer in her field. In Mexico, there was another pioneer in her field that intrigues Liberty and her friends and so off they fly to Mexico to learn more about her! Once they land in Mexico, they visit Frida Kahlo’s “La Casa Azul”. There they learn that Frida was a pioneer in the art world. She loved school and her Mexican heritage and several of her paintings reflected that.
The fun comes to an end when Liberty’s laptop battery gets low and the friends have to return home. However, once they get back from their learning adventure, Liberty’s dad surprises her with a trip to an airshow to top off her day! It is the perfect ending to a wonderful day of learning for Liberty and her pals. In addition to the story, there are several jigsaw puzzles of scenes from the book for your kids to enjoy.

I love Liberty and her amazing adventures. Her and her crazy friends really make history and learning fun for kids and it is a wonderful way for them to learn. The stories are well written and the illustrations are whimsical and fun. If I have one small criticism for these books, it is that they are a little long and the dialogue drags on just a bit. Older children probably wouldn’t lose focus but younger children might. Aside from that, this a wonderful app that you can feel good about your child playing. Also, check out the other two World of Liberty apps! You and your family will love Liberty and you will love all your children learn with Liberty and her friends.

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  1. Michele

    I am a teacher and mom of two! I just bought this app for my kiddos and they love it! We have purchased all three and can’t wait for more. Anything that inspires kids to make world connections and makes learning fun is a must-have in my household and in my classroom! Bravo, and keep them coming!


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