You Rule Chores is the coolest chore application I’ve seen to date. I happen to think it’s perfect for children in the age range that mine fall into (not counting the 2 year old that’s 7, 9 & 12). The description says “You Rule makes a game out of doing chores” and while that is absolutely true it also happens to be one of the best chore management systems I’ve come across. Parents assign chores, children complete the chores and earn virtual coins that can then be “turned in” for rewards off a wish list. To spice things up the app creates a bit of competition between multiple children using the app.

Here’s the run down. You Rule Chores goes on a parent’s device, parents are known as the “Referee”. Each child gets a profile and chooses a character to represent them in the app. You Rule supports up to six children. Characters have different “powers” and can do different things. They’ll perform more tricks and become more interactive as children complete their chores. After profiles are set up the next step is to create and assign the chores. The app comes with a suggested list or you can add in some of your own. Chores should be designated as easy, medium or difficult. This will determine how many coins the chore is worth. Parents can also assign their own value to the chore. After the chores have been created it’s time to assign them to children on a calendar. Chores can be weekly or bi-weekly. You will see all of the children on one screen and to assign a chore all you need to do is tap on the day of the week you’d like each child to do this chore. For example, let’s say the chore is doing dishes. On this one screen you can quickly assign Jane the chore for Monday, Tommy for Tuesday, Sally gets Wednesday, etc. It’s a quick process and when you’re done the chore (and date assigned) have been noted in your child’s profile.

In addition to their chore list each player will have their own “Wish List”. This is a personalized list of things they’d like to spend their chore coins on. You Rule comes with an included list but it can be edited and adapted to meet your family’s needs. All items added to the list have to be approved by the referee. As I mentioned earlier, the idea with the wish list is that as children complete their chores and earn their coins they can then spend them on these rewards.

Once chores have been scheduled and wish lists created it’s time to “play”. Players can check in at any time and tap on their character to see their list of chores. After they complete a chore they’ll want to go in and mark it as “done” so they can be rewarded with the appropriate amount of coins. When coins are awarded players will “Level Up” similar to what they’d do in a video game. Leveling up gives their characters new skills and tricks that they’ll perform on screen. The main player page will display all of the player’s characters, side by side. As children complete their chores over the week their characters will rise up on a stand toward a finish line in the sky. Whoever has completed the most chores at any point will have the character in the lead. Friendly competition to see who can clean the bathrooms first? I like it!

Competition has to be handled carefully in my home so when I set up You Rule Chores I created an equal amount of chores and points for all of my children. There were certain chores they needed to do every day but then there are the chores they’re only assigned once or twice a week. So some days one child will have a chance to earn more coins than another and will be in the lead. The next day it might be someone else. But at our house everyone ends up with the same amount of points — if they all do their chores. I should mention that You Rule Chores has also given parents the ability to revoke coins if a child doesn’t complete their chore correctly. It’s the virtual equivalent of making your child go back and re-clean the toilet.

If you’re struggling to get your children motivated about chores then you really need to take a look at You Rule Chores. Easy to set-up, interactive, motivating and with great graphics – it’s my favorite chore app so far.

Price: $3.99

See the app in iTunes

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Seller: Opposite Inc

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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  1. Jules

    I absolutely agree, this application is one of the best out there in the market. Its very customizable to the families “structure”. The application is extremely helpful with my children, 2 of them in particular.


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