YouLearn: U.S. State Flags made me feel like I needed to go back to elementary school. I had no idea there were so many unusual flags in our nation. This app originated as a tool to help the developer’s child learn all the state capitals and flags. Lucky for the rest of us it’s being shared in the app store now.

In the app you can view flash cards of the flags. Tap on a flag to flip it over and see information about the state. Things like the capital, population, nickname, state bird and flower and my favorite – what you call the residents. Love that one! When you’re done tap either the left or right arrow underneath the flashcard to move on to the next state. If you tap the magnifying glass you’ll pull up a list of all 50 states. Now you can scroll through the list and pick the state you’re interested in.  The “Settings” button at the top right will let you choose how you want to sort your states. Choose from name, population, date of admission, area and the shuffle option. There’s also another option that I thought was great. You can choose to view the flags of all 50 states OR you can choose to see only the 13 original colonies. OR view the maps by region: Northeastern, Southern, Midwestern and Western. Plenty of choices. YouLearn: U.S. State Flags also has a quiz feature that will test your knowledge of the flags.

I think this app is absolutely fantastic and fits a need for the older kids. It’s very well executed and I’ll be assigning this one to my fifth grader. She’ll hate me for saying this but keep these educational apps coming my way!

Price when Reviewed: $.99

YouLearn: U.S. State Flags

Seller: Truestar Apps

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  1. A Happy Mom

    I just downloaded this app and am incredibly impressed with the quality and the information included! This developer (Truestar Apps) is evidently going to be creating more flashcard apps…I can’t wait to get more for my daughters (as well as me) :).

  2. Carla Berry

    What a wonderful application. Thank you for letting us know about it. It’ll be perfect for my kids. Now if I can just get my husband to stop using it.


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