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Zooper ABC Animals is one “Zooper Dooper” app for your preschoolers! This app is a fantastically fun way for your preschoolers to practice their ABC’s. Each letter has three wonderful activities to learn and reinforce what they learn through play. Your child will have hours for alphabet fun learning and playing with these fun animal friends.

The alphabet adventure begins when you choose a letter to learn. Each letter has a fun rhyme that uses the letter sound multiple times and has an adorable animal friend as well as some fun animations that go along with the letter. For example, the letter A is about an apple chomping alligator. Tapping on the alligator allows the player to feed him apples. Next, you can practice writing both the upper and lowercase letters. A guide helps the child know where to place their finger to start and finish each letter. Finally, there is a fun shadow game where children can tap on the shadowed pictures of things that begin with that letter. As they tap each picture, the picture lights up and the name of the item is read aloud. Then it is on to the next letter!

Zooper ABC Animals is a high-quality app that is well-worth its price. This app is a wonderful way to teach your preschooler how to write their ABCs and learn the letter sounds. They will fall in love with the cute zoo animal characters as well as the silly animations that come with each animal. I personally liked the reggae kazoo-playing kitten! I love how each letter is reinforced in three different ways really rounding out each letter and making the learning come full circle. My preschooler loves this app. I have seen a noticeable difference in his ability to recognize his letters as well as things around the house that start with those letters. I would highly recommend Zooper ABC Animals for the preschoolers in your life. You will be amazed by what they can learn and the fun they will have with this app!

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