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JumjumFly is a fun new game for all ages.  With JumjumFly, players can help the Jumjum Prince fly as high as he can go.  This is a fun pick up and play style game that is accessible for all ages and the controls are very simple to learn.

Help your bird fly as high as he can go by jumping, double-jumping and flying upward on the screen.  The goal is simple, just try to help your bird reach new heights each time, by utilizing the simple one-finger tapping controls.  It is reminiscent of “flappy bird” style games, except it goes upward instead of side-scrolling.  Players will jump onto moving clouds, through air streams, all while avoiding coconut bombs and other obstacles.  The app features an endless challenge mode – try to see how far and how long you can jump and fly, as well as a competition mode – compete against friends.

The JumjumFly game is the perfect type of game to pick up and play when you have a few minutes.  If you are looking for a fun new “flappy bird” style game with simple one-touch controls, be sure to check out JumjumFly.  This app would be fun for kids and parents to play together.

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